Wicker Beds – EverythingYou Need to Know

Finding a great looking wicker bed that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is quite a challenging task and choosing the right one not only depends on your budget, it also depends on whether you plan to use it indoors or outdoors. Yes, you heard right, there are wicker beds available for both indoors and outdoors uses. But let’s take this one step at the time: Wicker is a furniture material that is increasingly fashionable nowadays due to its elegance and easy care. To find the right wicker bed for you and your home, you have to decide what you need it for, and then you have to start to think outside the box! Because you can always use a bed or lounger that is thought to be used outdoors — inside! And the selection of patio wicker beds is far bigger than the one for traditional bedroom furniture, as you can see on www.bedmarket.co.uk.

An affordable wicker bed alternative

Made from grass and actually a futon or tatami mattress, not a wicker bed, an affordable, for not saying cheap, bed has a very minimalist, Zen-like style and design. Great for young and / or fit people, but not really made for people that have joint problems. Getting up from so low down can get difficult when you have reached a certain age. It comes in four different sizes to accommodate all needs, from simple meditation mat to fully-fledged king size bed and they all can be used together to cover an even wider area, like a dojo or meditation hall for example. Traditionally handcrafted in original, Japanese style it features double woven grass stretched over a hard pine frame. It even includes an incorporated moisture and humidity barrier to insulate you well in case you live in a humid climate. But the real gem her is its versatility, the combinations and layouts you can achieve by combining several of them are nearly endless.

The first time I saw the ‘Outdoor Patio Caribbean Wicker Round Day Bed and Ottoman’ I fell in love with it. I love the unique design, the versatility of the layout and especially the great price! The whole set consists of the main love seat combined with a fitting ottoman and an attached table. The sizes (Love seat 44.5in x 41.5in x 33in and Ottoman 37in x 24in x13.5in) are large and comfortable enough to making it possible and cosy to spend the whole day on them and to lazy around the pool. Like all models of wicker beds here it is made of weather resistant resin over a metallic frame. Easy to clean and the included pillows and cushions are made from 100% polyester, also easy to clean and stain resistant. One year of warranty included, and, as I said, you can’t beat the price!

Bora Bora Outdoor Chaise

Whilst this wicker bed would also look great inside, its curved form make sit a comfortable day bed and pool or beach lounge, but I am not so sure if I wanted to spend a whole night on it.

It is made from resin (artificial) wicker that gives it its superior stability, UV and weather resistance. The aluminium frame it is build upon, ensures stability and support. This support is also thanks to its elegant, curvy, nearly feminine form and design. It is gives superior support, relaxation and comfort, especially to your back and knees. So much more cosy than the traditional, flat model! This pool or beach bed has the right size for one person, and I am sure its owners will enjoy it for years to come. Comes with mattress

Outdoor Wicker “O” Lounge Bed

Perhaps a bit on the small side, but surely a great bed for lounging comfortably at the pool: The wicker material is this time weather and UV-radiation resistant polymer over an aluminium frame. This wicker bed you can leave the whole year round outside without having to be afraid that it suffers under the weather, climate or sun. It includes four cushions in two different sizes and both the cushion as the mattress cover itself can be removed for easier cleaning machine washing.

Outdoor Wicker Day Bed

Another outdoor wicker bed, but this one could easily double as an indoor wicker bed. Big and comfortable enough to sleep and dream the whole night on it. The luxurious design and elegant look will make sure that it gets many admiring looks from your guests and visitors. It has a kind of 5-star hotel or Spa look upon it. Made from weather resistant wicker over an aluminium frame that resembles brown rattan, it is resistant against sunlight, UV-radiation, stains, cracks, splits and colour proof. The cushion, or better said, the mattress, is made of high-quality all-weather fabric. The cover can be removed for easier washing and cleaning: Big enough to be super-comfortable for one, but not quite big enough for two.

All Weather Wicker Outdoor Daybed

Made of Dura-Wick which is a resin wicker material that has a high density and is made of polyethylene: This combination makes it extremely resistant to weather and climate influences as well as to UV radiation and sun light. The whole woven structure rests on some top quality aluminium frames and will last more than only one season. It comes with mattress, cushions, adjustable sun-umbrella / sunshade and side tables and features wheels, which make it easy to move around, from the shade into the sun and back into the shade, just as the mood takes you! It is big enough 89in x 66in x 22 ½ in for two as a sun or day bed and more than sufficient as night bed for one person. Easy to clean, just hose off and let dry in the shade.

Whatever your choice, wicker beds are stylish and easy to maintain.