The Dangers of Eyelash Extensions

In a world where nowadays fakery is the norm, there are many products women are buying in to to beautify themselves. With the emergence of hair extensions, waxing, fake tan and nails, cosmetic surgery, increasingly expensive make up, it was only a matter of time before our generation of females would glue fake bits onto their eyes to replace their own natural lashes. In fact, eyelash extension is a beauty procedure that is becoming increasingly familiar to most women. And if done properly, the outcome can result in fuller looking luscious lashes that come in various shapes, lengths or colours, making is easy to see why women might opt for this treatment which is seemingly less drastic compared to others.

Not to mention it is a lot easier and considerably cheaper compared to other beauty procedures. But can lash extensions cause long term damage? The answer is yes. Reports suggest eyelash extensions could cause infection or a rash if the user is allergic to the product or the glue used to stick the lashes on. However, it is argued, this worry is no different to concerns we get when buying new makeup. What is more alarming however is that they can cause your natural lashes to fall out. This is caused from the tension placed on the fair shaft, causing it to fall out if the lashes are over-used, and can even prevent growth. Therefore, despite the benefits of eyelash extensions, we should consider the long term damage they could cause. But as long as not used every day, the occasional use for special occasions shouldn’t be a problem.

If you do get you lashes done, make sure you use an expert! I recommend