Summer Is Coming! Here are Some Tips For Summer Car Care

With the summer arriving, the heating is turned off, and everybody is already planning road trips. No one can resist the beautiful sunny skies and the open road, but every car owner should be aware that the heat can be especially harsh to the car. So before hitting the road this summer, make sure your car looks it’s best – you can buy car paint for touchups at, then read this small guide on what simple precautions you can take to keep your family safe and improve the fuel economy of your car.

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Check and de-winterize your tyres

Check the pressure of your tyres and see if it’s correct and in compliance with the hot weather. Also, if you still have winter tyres, it’s best to change them for summer tyres. Winter tyres are heavy and they cause extra fuel expenditure.

Check the oil

Oil is essential for the car. Your owner’s manual contains information on oil changing schedules for your vehicle, but as a general rule of thumb, you should change your oil on every 3000 miles.

The least you can do is check the oil because most of us do a lot of heavy driving during the summer, and in summer the likelihood overheated engine is highest.

Check the hoses and belts

As mentioned earlier, the key to summer driving is keeping the engine cool. So you need to check every hose and belt connected to the radiator and make sure that they are not worn out. If the hoses or belts crack or snap, your car radiator will quickly overheat.

Check your brakes

Your car’s brakes are the most important safety system in your car. Make sure to check them before you head to the road, as you don’t want to put you or your family in jeopardy by driving with faulty brakes.

Check the coolant levels

Your car cannot run to hot, so you need to check the coolant and radiator before you even think about driving in summer. Look under the hood and make sure that the coolant levels are appropriate. Generally, your car’s engine is most efficient at the temperature of 93 degrees Celsius.