How to Clean Your Upholstered Bed

If you already own one, you will know that an upholstered bed can make any bedroom feel warm and cozy. Aesthetically, the bed has the ability to enhance a bedroom like no other bed. Those who own an upholstered bed would also know that they are also seen as difficult to clean. But in reality, an upholstered bed is very easy to keep clean and maintain.

You do not have to put off cleaning an upholstered bed and cleaning it needn’t be a difficult task either. There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure you upholstered bed remains looking as good as the day you bought it. In addition, you will be pleasantly surprised at not only how quick it can be but also how clean and fresh the bed will smell afterward.

The key here is to ensure that you have a regular cleaning routine. By doing this keeping your upholstered bed clean will not be a massive issue. Firstly you should know that the reason your bed gets dirty is that we have people, spend an awful lot of time in our beds. This also means that the oils from our hair and body lotions and quickly rub off and they can easily dirty and ruin the upholstery. This can also happen with dust. Here’s how you can make sure you keep your upholstered bed looking great:


A vacuum cleaner

Fabric cleaner spray

Scented linen spray

Baking soda

Dry cloth


Before we start it is important to note that you will have to make vacuuming your bed a weekly habit. Regularly using a vacuum on your upholstery bed can prevent dust from becoming ingrained. Next, you’ll want to use a fabric cleaner spray to get rid of any marks or stains you notice. It is important to note that you should do the spot test before you spray the whole bed.

To do this, simply find an easily-concealed area of your upholstered bed and test the fabric cleaner. Once sprayed, leave the chemical on the area for a few hours and check back when it has completely dried. If the cleaner has not left a mark, you are good to go. You’ll want to spray down the bed every two weeks or so.

The next few steps need to be done less frequently but they can still make a massive difference.

Use a scented linen spray to spritz the upholstered bed. You will be quite surprised how much more fresh your room will feel. If you ever feel that your bed needs freshening up, perhaps every month or so, you can use the baking soda trick. Pour a generous amount of baking soda onto a dry cloth and pat into the upholstery. Let it sit for a few hours then remove any residue with the vacuum cleaner.