Energy Efficient Loft Conversions

There are plenty of advantages involved with getting a loft conversion, East London loft conversion company owner Paul Myers told me during a recent interview. Many people will get them in an effort to expand their homes. Urban apartments are often much smaller than they actually have to be, and getting a loft conversion can automatically make a home feel that much larger and more livable for everyone involved. Some people are going to be preoccupied with a lot of the specifics involved with loft conversion, which may or may not motivate them to actually go through with the process of loft conversion. They should know that lofts are actually more energy efficient than attics in many ways.

Heat is always going to rise as a matter of course. Homes are usually going to be heated on the bottom floor or closer to it, and the heat is going to rise throughout the home in order to effectively keep everything heated. This process is much easier with an apartment that has a loft than with an apartment that has an attic instead. Lofts are still more connected with the rest of a given apartment than attics will ever be, largely because they technically share the same air. Heat has to travel through the floor of an attic in order to reach it, which isn’t going to be especially easy when it comes to some attics, depending upon the amount of insulation that they have.

Anyone that has ever stepped inside an attic will often notice that the temperature inside the attic is often going to feel vastly different from the temperature inside the rest of the house. This is partly a function of the fact that heat isn’t going to circulate very well into the area in question. It’s also a function of the fact that people don’t usually spend a lot of time in their attics, lending their own bod heat in the process and improving the temperature of the attic. With loft conversion, this will be a thing of the past.