Protect Yourself From a Burglary

Break ins happen all the time, in many different places. No one is safe when a thief wants to break into your home. If you have something that they want, they will more than likely end up with it. Once a break happens there is not much you can do other than call the police. If you do not have insurance, all you can do is sit back, hope the police catch the person and all your belongings can be found.

Of course, having home insurance can not replace the old jewelry box your grandmother gave you, but it can replace the t.v., stereo, etc. Once you make a home insurance claim, an insurance agent will come out to your home and assess the damage, take photo’s, make a list of what was taken from the home, and the value of each.

It is a long process, but in the end they are able to pay you to replace some of those belongings. Without the insurance you would have to find a way to purchase those items all over again, if you plan to have them in your home. If you have insurance it is better to have a list of everything in your home already written out, on a just in case measure. It makes things go a lot easier.

Home insurance can really help you in the end. We all hope to never have a disaster happen where we have to claim insurance, but it is nice to have a back up. It can save your family a lot of time and hassle in the end.

How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

Expert UK double mattress retailers Mattress Time recommend that a mattress should be changed every five to seven years. However, this is only an estimate and the person that sleeps on the mattress every night will be in the best position to judge whether it needs replacing within this time frame, or before or after this amount of time has passed.

If the mattress starts to feel uncomfortable when a person is lying on it, this could be a sign that it needs to be replaced. A person should not feel any discomfort when lying down on the mattress. When waking in the morning a person should not feel pain in their back or experience a tingling sensation in their arms or legs.

Another sign that a mattress needs to be replaced is if there are dips in the mattress or if it is starting to sag in places. If a person sits down on the mattress it should be able to support their weight without them feeling as if they are sinking.

There are many factors that can affect the length of time a mattress can be used for such as a persons sleeping habits and how much they move about in the night. If a person starts to notice any of the signs that have been discussed above then it is probably time to consider a new mattress, even if they have not had their existing one for five years.

The Dangers of Eyelash Extensions

In a world where nowadays fakery is the norm, there are many products women are buying in to to beautify themselves. With the emergence of hair extensions, waxing, fake tan and nails, cosmetic surgery, increasingly expensive make up, it was only a matter of time before our generation of females would glue fake bits onto their eyes to replace their own natural lashes. In fact, eyelash extension is a beauty procedure that is becoming increasingly familiar to most women. And if done properly, the outcome can result in fuller looking luscious lashes that come in various shapes, lengths or colours, making is easy to see why women might opt for this treatment which is seemingly less drastic compared to others.

Not to mention it is a lot easier and considerably cheaper compared to other beauty procedures. But can lash extensions cause long term damage? The answer is yes. Reports suggest eyelash extensions could cause infection or a rash if the user is allergic to the product or the glue used to stick the lashes on. However, it is argued, this worry is no different to concerns we get when buying new makeup. What is more alarming however is that they can cause your natural lashes to fall out. This is caused from the tension placed on the fair shaft, causing it to fall out if the lashes are over-used, and can even prevent growth. Therefore, despite the benefits of eyelash extensions, we should consider the long term damage they could cause. But as long as not used every day, the occasional use for special occasions shouldn’t be a problem.

If you do get you lashes done, make sure you use an expert! I recommend

Flooded Home? It Is Easier With Insurance

No one can completely be prepared for a flood to happen. You can have the canned foods, the fist aid kit, dry clothing in zip lock bags, extra toiletry items in plastic bags, etc. The only way to completely prepare for a flood to happen is to buy home insurance, to protect your home and your belongings.

A flood can cause a lot of damage to the inside of your home. A lot of repairs would be needed. Those kind of repairs would include fixing the drywall, the flooring, the furniture, electronics, etc. Not many people have the money laying around that it would take to completely fix the damage in their home. Many things would go unfixed, which could cause mold issues. That would be a bigger problem than you started out with.

This is the type of situation that making an insurance claim comes in handy. You can take pictures of the damage. Have someone come out and see the damage. Once the paper work and the process is complete you will be able to fix your home to be livable again. All paid for by your insurance company. If you ever ave any trouble getting money from your insurance company, remember a loss assessor can help you with a flood insurance claim and make sure you get a just amount.

Insurance may never have to be used, which is what you hope for. You never know what will happen though so it is better to be on the safe side.

Summer Is Coming! Here are Some Tips For Summer Car Care

With the summer arriving, everybody is already planning road trips. No one can resist the beautiful sunny skies and the open road, but every car owner should be aware that the heat can be especially harsh to the car. So before hitting the road this summer, read this small guide on what simple precautions you can take to keep your family safe and improve the fuel economy of your car.

Take your car to a service provider for a general check-up Although all of the other tips can be done by yourself, it’s important to take your car to a car service provider so he can make sure that there aren’t any problems that can cause major damages or even potential accidents on the road. No matter what your budget is, safety is above all. If you live in the UK, you will find it really easy to find a trusted yet cheap car repair shop with the help of MyCarNeedsA – the first UK based site where service providers bid to do the work on your vehicle. MyCarNeedsA unique approach makes it especially easy and convenient for car owners to find a cheap and quick repair solution. You won’t be disappointed by the number of services you can find with MyCarNeedsA, as they collaborate with the best UK car servicing facilities that can provide you with everything that’s car related – maintenance, diagnostics, general check-ups, repairs, MOT tests, etc.

Check and de-winterize your tyres Check the pressure of your tyres and see if it’s correct and in compliance with the hot weather. Also, if you still have winter tyres, it’s best to change them for summer tyres. Winter tyres are heavy and they cause extra fuel expenditure.

Check the oil Oil is essential for the car. Your owner’s manual contains information on oil changing schedules for your vehicle, but as a general rule of thumb, you should change your oil on every 3000 miles.

The least you can do is check the oil because most of us do a lot of heavy driving during the summer, and in summer the likelihood overheated engine is highest.

Check the hoses and belts As mentioned earlier, the key to summer driving is keeping the engine cool. So you need to check every hose and belt connected to the radiator and make sure that they are not worn out. If the hoses or belts crack or snap, your car radiator will quickly overheat.

Check your brakes Your car’s brakes are the most important safety system in your car. Make sure to check them before you head to the road, as you don’t want to put you or your family in jeopardy by driving with faulty brakes.

Check the coolant levels Your car cannot run to hot, so you need to check the coolant and radiator before you even think about driving in summer. Look under the hood and make sure that the coolant levels are appropriate. Generally, your car’s engine is most efficient at the temperature of 93 degrees Celsius.

Should a Woman be Criticized for Having Treatment at a Botox Clinic?

Hollywood stars and TV celebrities want to stay looking youthful, but by doing so they are often criticized for having treatment at a Botox clinic. When an actress states that she intends to age naturally, and refuses to have treatment at a Botox clinic, she also finds herself subject to criticism. Why is this?

Jennifer Aniston recently made her views clear about women who don’t want to look as if they are aging. Her comments were aimed chiefly at Hollywood, where older actresses think that if they don’t attend a Botox clinic they will not be offered any more work in the movie industry.

The Center for the Study of Women and Television has revealed that 70 percent of female characters who featured in the top hundred movies of 2013 were under the age of 40. This does infer that any actress who fails to maintain a fresh youthful appearance is unlikely to find much work in Hollywood movies.

Jennifer Aniston has rightly pointed out that Hollywood is unjust in the wayit makes women feel under pressure to have treatment. However, in making a stance against such procedures she is actually placing the blame on women who choose to undergo treatment at a Botox clinic rather than be oppressed by society.

Being critical of actresses who regularly attend a Botox clinic for treatment is unfair to women as individuals. It ignores the fact that women are made to feel insecure because they live in an unequal culture where women are mostly valued for their physical appearance.

The real issue that needs to be addressed is why culture in general requires women to maintain a youthful appearance, which is why so many older women feel that they must go on attending a Botox clinic for regular treatment.

The representation of women in the media is restricted to very slim, young and attractive women and this is having an influence on women’s lives in general. Younger and more attractive women are much more socially accepted in our culture than any female who is not considered to be a traditionally beauty.

While society expects women to stay looking slim and looking good, women who take good care to maintain a slim body shape and apply make-up or take treatment to improve their looks are often considered to be shallow. Whatever a woman does she is likely to be criticized for it.

There really is no middle ground. Women who have treatment to prevent the appearance of aging are called desperate or artificial, and any woman who does not want to have treatment in a wrinkle treatment London clinic risks being ignored or is regarded as being too old to be of any value.

There is a real need to reduce discrimination against anyone who does not fit the accepted cultural idea of value and beauty. The fashion industry would be a good place to start changing cultural attitudes, by increasing the representation of people of all ages.

Movie makers, TV and other media need to work towards bringing down the barriers that are preventing some women from being successful. The only way to do this is by increasing the visual representation of people of all types and appearances, not just of different ages, but also of a wider racial and physical variety.

People of all sizes, shapes and ethnicity ought to be valued equally as members of society. This can only happen if we begin to open up more possibilities and stop closing off opportunities to people when they reach a certain age. The value of an individual should not bebased solely on appearance.

4 Reasons To Choose A Crewed Yacht Charter

1 A Boutique Hotel Afloat
With crewed yacht charters you’ll find the luxuries of a boutique hotel afloat, so Mum will be happy! A crewed charter yacht will afford you all the luxury services you expect to be offered in a five star hotel.

2 You have professional crew
Your charter yacht will come complete with professional yacht crew. The yacht will be run for you so that you can sit back and relax. No more cooking and no more washing up, it’s all done for you! Ehereas if you hire a bareboat, you have to do all the mundane tasks yourself.

3 Free watersports included for the kids
Most crewed yachts come complete with a nice dinghy and a selection of watersports to keep the kids happy. Pacific Wave comes complete with a Caribe 15ft Deluxe Dinghy with a Yamaha 70hp engine. Pacific Wave also carries a full range of snorkeling equipment and a 2 man Sevylor Ocean Kayak so that you can enjoy eco-friendly watersports whilst onboard as well.

4 Your charter fee is all inclusive
For Pacific Wave the charter fee that you pay includes all your meals taken onboard, a free ships bar and the cruising taxes in the BVI and passenger departure tax plus all the running costs of the yacht and dinghy. This amounts to a considerable saving! So bare this in mind because a crewed yacht charter may not be that much more expensive than chartering a bareboat and you get to relax a lot more!

Energy Efficient Loft Conversions

There are plenty of advantages involved with getting a loft conversion, East London loft conversion company owner Paul Myers told me during a recent interview. Many people will get them in an effort to expand their homes. Urban apartments are often much smaller than they actually have to be, and getting a loft conversion can automatically make a home feel that much larger and more livable for everyone involved. Some people are going to be preoccupied with a lot of the specifics involved with loft conversion, which may or may not motivate them to actually go through with the process of loft conversion. They should know that lofts are actually more energy efficient than attics in many ways.

Heat is always going to rise as a matter of course. Homes are usually going to be heated on the bottom floor or closer to it, and the heat is going to rise throughout the home in order to effectively keep everything heated. This process is much easier with an apartment that has a loft than with an apartment that has an attic instead. Lofts are still more connected with the rest of a given apartment than attics will ever be, largely because they technically share the same air. Heat has to travel through the floor of an attic in order to reach it, which isn’t going to be especially easy when it comes to some attics, depending upon the amount of insulation that they have.

Anyone that has ever stepped inside an attic will often notice that the temperature inside the attic is often going to feel vastly different from the temperature inside the rest of the house. This is partly a function of the fact that heat isn’t going to circulate very well into the area in question. It’s also a function of the fact that people don’t usually spend a lot of time in their attics, lending their own bod heat in the process and improving the temperature of the attic. With loft conversion, this will be a thing of the past.

A Freestanding Bath – The Classic Choice

Flip through the pages of and furnishing style, decorating or architectural magazine and you will soon realize that freestanding baths are a design statement for the 21st century.

In splendid isolation in the center of a grand room, the freestanding bath is the focus of an important bathroom. An alternative to the quick shower culture, freestanding baths speak to pampering and sybaritic luxury.

Often made of very special materials such as marble, copper, and fine hardwoods, freestanding baths are furnishings of beauty. Even the smaller size 60 freestanding bathtub is generously large and deep, to allow for stretching out and a really good soak. Of course, there will be ample surfaces around the bath for scented candles, books, bottles of wine in ice buckets, delicious snacks, rare flowers, the finest bath oils, and every comfort for the decadent bather.

The practical advantages of a free standing bath become obvious when you are converting an older building with large rooms. In these older properties, the actual bathrooms are often very pokey – hygiene was not given high priority in the past, and the wealthy residents of a home would bathe in a tub in front of a fire. For modern living, many families choose to have a shower room attached to each bedroom, and then a larger bathroom for more luxurious and relaxing occasions. The benefit of free standing baths is that they use space in a larger room more effectively, as well as course as being an important design feature with their central positioning in the room. A really special bathroom features twin washbasins, bidet, separate toilet, perhaps a shower and definitely an open fire place in colder climate. A mass of storage space for towels and bath unguents is a must – this will create a bathroom which is totally about pampering yourself.

Before installing a freestanding bath, you will need to talk to an expert plumber who will make sure the structure of your house is strong enough. Some freestanding baths are extremely heavy and would be too much weight for certain floors.

One of the most beautiful bathrooms with a freestanding bath I ever experienced was in a hotel in London. My room had a 60 freestanding bathtub made of green marble, without any taps, which allowed you to really stretch out and let the water wash away the stresses of the day. But the really special thing was that the bathroom itself looked out over a deer park, so you could lie back in your bath, glass of champagne in hand, whilst admiring the beauty of the landscape and watching the deer. Water was piped up from the base of the bath, rather than from taps. The owners thoughtfully provided chestnut essence bath oils to match the chestnut trees in the park.

This bathroom was said to have been installed especially for King Edward VII and his mistress of the hour when he was a guest in the great house, and it was easy to imagine the royal frolics!