5 Vaping Tricks For Beginners

People have been creating tricks with tobacco smoke for ages. Pipe and cigar smokers, and even cigarette smokers are familiar with the classic blowing out rings trick. With vaping you get to make tricks with your vapour that smokers will envy. Vapour clouds are fun to produce and play around with. The best part about vaping tricks is you don’t have to worry about causing any harm to yourself or those watching you as you ordinarily would with secondary cigarette smoke.

For maximum effect with vaping tricks always make use of an e-liquid of the higher VG variety. An RDA setup or sub ohm tank will also come in handy and making your own vape coils is perfect for customizing your vape tricks. You want have more vapour to begin with so you can manipulate it to your will. Try these tricks indoors where you can prevent excess ventilation from blowing your vapour away.


The easiest of vapour tricks is to collect some vapour inside a bottle or container of your choice. You can even place the cap on quickly to prevent the vapour from escaping. Turn the bottle over as though you were pouring out a liquid. The vapour will behave like a slow motion waterfall and it’s a sight to behold. Don’t be surprised when your friends ask you to do this trick over and over.


This trick employs an age old children’s toy to make big white bubbles. Use a plastic tube to blow bubbles through. Slow and gentle exhales will help you get bigger bubbles, and rapid exhales will produce tons of tiny white bubbles. Try this trick at a party for excellent fun.

Ghost Inhale

This is a technique which is used for stealth vaping. The idea is to make it seem as though all the vapour you inhaled had disappeared completely. Take a draw of vapour and hold it in your mouth. Start by taking a draw of vapour and then allowing it to absorb inside your mouth for a bit. Then comes the fun part, creating the illusion known as the Ghost Inhale. Exhale ever so slightly and then immediately pull the vapour back into your mouth. You can do this a few more times until no vapour remains.


We’re all familiar with the sight of someone blowing our cigarette smoke through their nose. The dragon vapour trick is basically the same with one exception. In addition to getting two fire like streams of vapour to exit from your nostrils, you also want to have some vapour coming out from the sides of your mouth. To do this practice clenching your lips and then relaxing them just before you exhale the vapour.


This trick relies on a dense cloud to create the effect of a whirling tornado. You start off by slowly blowing a big cloud directly onto a flat surface. A dining or coffee table will work just fine. As the vapour hits the table and starts to spread out, use your finger in a circular motion to create a tornado.

These are ultra basic vaping tricks you can try. But there are tons more you can learn or play around to create your own. Be sure to share any tricks for beginners that you know in the comments below.